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About Paul Madonna

Paul Madonna is the creator of the series All Over Coffee (San Francisco Chronicle 2004-15), Small Potatoes (Universal Syndicate), and the author of three books, All Over Coffee (City Lights 2007), Everything is its own reward (City Lights 2011, winner of the 2011 NCBR Recognition Award for Best Book), and Close Enough for the Angels (Petty Curse Books 2016). His drawings and stories have appeared in numerous international books and journals, as well as galleries and museums, including the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum and the Oakland Museum of California. He is the former Comics Editor for (2009-16), has taught drawing at the University of San Francisco, and frequently lectures on creative practice, even when not asked. He holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and was the first (ever!) Art Intern at MAD Magazine (1993-94), for which he proudly received no money.

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